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prof. dr. Marie Rosenkrantz Lindegaard


  • Violence and aggression
  • Interpersonal conflicts
  • Interactional dynamics and situational approaches
  • Micro-sociology
  • Comparative perspectives
  • Social positioning and status
  • Agency and decision making
  • Social groups and identity
  • Culture explanations and street culture
  • Robbery
  • Street fights
  • Violence against employees
  • Gangs
  • Youth violence
  • The role of bystanders, victims and offenders
  • Guardianship and third-parties
  • Ethnographic methods
  • Video analysis
  • Real-life observations and CCTV
  • Ethological methods
  • Prison research
  • South Africa and the Global South
  • Behavioral crime intervention
Betrokken bij thema(s)
2020-nu Bijzonder hoogleraar Dynamics of Crime and Violence, Universiteit van Amsterdam, Faculteit Maatschappij- en Gedragswetenschappen / Sociologie
2016-nu Senior onderzoeker NSCR
2016-nu Universitair hoofddocent Sociologie, Universiteit van Kopenhagen
2012-16 Onderzoeker NSCR
2011 Universitair docent Criminologie, VU
2009 Promotie Anthropologie, Universiteit van Amsterdam; Gangs, geweld en racisme in Cape Town
2008-11 Postdoc NSCR
2004 Master Antropologie, Universiteit van Kopenhagen


  • Editorial board member Criminology Open (observatiemethoden)
  • Editorial board member International Criminal Justice Review



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