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  1. NSCR-Seminar Situational Explanations for Adolescent Deviance

NSCR-Seminar Situational Explanations for Adolescent Deviance

Door Evelien Hoeben | 4 februari 2016

Tuesday March 8, VU University Amsterdam

Some situations are more likely than others to generate delinquency or substance use. What characterizes these situations?
In this seminar, we will discuss recent research findings to determine what physical and social contexts are likely to evoke deviant behavior among adolescents: How do peers influence adolescent behavior? What is the role of alcohol use, supervision, or elements of the functional location in deterring or stimulating deviance? Are all adolescents equally susceptible to external pressure? The seminar will focus on adolescence as a period of high diversity in routine activities, life events, and exposure to ‘criminogenic’ situations.
Speakers are among others professor Dietrich Oberwittler (Max-Planck-Institut für Strafrecht, Germany) and professor Wayne Osgood (Penn State University, USA).
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The seminar takes place Tuesday March 8, 2016, 13.00-17.00. at VU Amsterdam, De Boelelaan 1105,  Room Agora 2 (third floor of main building).
See the full Program 8 March 2016 NSCR [pdf]
Participation is free of charge. Please register by e-mail: seminar@evelienhoeben.com

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