1. PhD

PhD Information

The NSCR has its own PhD committee, chaired by Marleen Kragting, Danielle Stibbe, Valerie Pijlman and Mathilde van Oudenaren. The committee is for all PhDs working at the NSCR (so also when you are, for instance, on the VU payroll). They regularly organize meetings, knowledge exchange sessions, and of course drinks (see the agenda below). Do you have a good idea for a PhD meeting, would you like some feedback, or do you just have a question? You can reach them via phdmeetings@nscr.nl.

Confidential adviser

The confidential adviser for PhDs is Marco Last, MLast@nscr.nl (Grant Adviser). You can contact him with questions, concerns – both private and work-related – or just because you want to vent. Please, do not hesitate to get in touch!

Grants and career opportunities

If you have questions about grants or career opportunities after your PhD, within or outside academia, you can also contact Marco Last via MLast@nscr.nl.

PhD Agenda 2023/24

  • January: New Year’s Drinks

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PhD Lunches

Bring your own lunch and gather at 12:00 around a big table at the NSCR lunch area.

  • Friday 15/03/24
  • Monday 15/04/24
  • Tuesday 14/05/24
  • Wednesday 12/06/24
  • Thursday 18/07/24
  • Friday 16/08/24
  • Monday 16/09/24
  • Tuesday 15/10/24

PhD affiliation list

If you wish to know other candidates who are affiliated with the same university as you, for example to consult about the possibility of courses you could take, you can take a look at the PhD affiliation list. It is located on G:/Algemeen/PhD.