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  1. NSCR data in EASY online analysis tool

NSCR data in EASY online analysis tool

Door prof. dr. Wim Bernasco | 19 januari 2016
Datasets beschikbaar

The metadata of certain datasets of the Netherlands Institute for the Study of Crime and Law Enforcement are available through the DANS EASY online analysis tool. This tool offers more detailed information on the content of (a selection of) NSCR datasets such as the background, sampling and population. The online analysis tool also facilitates the option to look at the univariate distribution of variables.

Use of NSCR data

Research at the NSCR has resulted in many high-quality datasets. Under certain conditions, data collected by the NSCR are available for use by (international) researchers tied to universities or research institutions. With the availability of its metadata through DANS, the NSCR hopes to stimulate new collaborations with researchers from different disciplines and organizations.
NSCR datasets are available at the NSCR on request. For more information on terms of use and the request of data, please visit the datasets section on the NSCR website or contact the data manager (hwisselink@nscr.nl).

prof. dr. Wim Bernasco

Senior Onderzoeker

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