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  1. New postdoc researcher: Vanja Ljujic

New postdoc researcher: Vanja Ljujic

Terrorism and extremism criminals: the role of social-economic factors
Door drs. Leontien Hulleman | 15 juli 2016

Dr. Vanja Ljujic is a new postdoc researcher at the NSCR as of the first of July. Vanja Ljujic holds the law degree from the University of Belgrade and Master in Law degree (LLM) from the University of Utrecht. She defended her PhD thesis on perceived threat and prejudice at the Faculty of Social and Behavioral Sciences at the University of Leiden. Vanja worked as an educational and policy specialist for the Anne Frank House, the International Organization for Migration, the International Association for Intercultural Education and the European Centre for Democracy Development. She published on perceived threat, nationalism, prejudice and intergroup conflicts in a comparative context.
She is currently conducting postdoc research on . The NSCR is participating in a European wide research project on terrorism and organised crime, alongside an international consortium of research institutions. As part of this larger project Vanja Ljujic will be carrying out a sub-project focusing on the extent to which socio-economic adversity in life and the experience of insecurity and deprivation contribute to involvement in terrorism and extremism.
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drs. Leontien Hulleman

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