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  1. Frank Weerman appointed as endowed Professor Youth Criminology

Frank Weerman appointed as endowed Professor Youth Criminology

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Door prof. dr. Frank Weerman | 29 juli 2016

Frank Weerman has been appointed as endowed Professor in the newly established Youth Criminology chair at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam (within the Criminology Department of the Erasmus School of Law). 
With this appointment, Erasmus School of Law aims to enhance youth criminology research in Rotterdam and to have a chair connected to the thematic Master’s profile Youth Criminology. The endowed chair of Prof. Weerman will connect researchers and data collections and as such contribute to the role of the NSCR as a national center and facilitator of advanced research in crime and law enforcement.
Professor Weerman’s research will focus in particular on the role of peers and troublesome youth groups in criminal behaviour of young people, with special attention to the increasing role of the internet. The results may inform policies and practices to address urban problems and youth crime issues. The chair will connect to novel methods and theories within criminology, and to research already being conducted within the department of Criminology at the Erasmus School of Law.
The duration of the chair is four years with the possibility of an extension.

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