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  1. NSCR Annual Report 2015 available

NSCR Annual Report 2015 available

1 juni 2016

This Annual Report 2015 provides a sample of the research projects carried out at the Netherlands Institute for the Study of Crime and Law Enforcement (NSCR) over the past year, as well as more 'technical' information on staff, budget, publications, and organisational structure.
NSCR is involved in a wide range of research activities in a number of different disciplines, from fundamental scientific research to policy research. The principal goal of the research carried out at the NSCR is to understand how and where criminal behaviour occurs. Further, our research looks at how criminal behaviour is responded to. Lastly, we investigate the development of criminal behaviour over the life-course, and the manner in which criminal careers are intertwined with other careers, such as employment careers and romantic relations.

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