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Aankondiging Summer School

PhD-kandidaten: geef je nu op voor de NSCR en MPI Summer School: Research and Perspectives in Contemporary Criminology van 8 t/m 12 juli 2024.
Door prof. dr. Beate Völker | 22 mei 2024

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This summer school will acquaint participants with some of the most important theories, research, and ideas in contemporary criminology. Lectures address various subfields within the discipline and discuss the state of the art, presenting established and well-researched areas—such as social networks, and rational choice—as well as novel and emerging topics, including the role of personality in connection with criminal conduct, and wildlife crime. Leading criminologists provide students with essential background information and discuss the latest insights.

Workshop design & topics

The week consists of a series of lectures, workshops, and discussions. Topics include: juvenile delinquency and peer influences, social networks, victim studies, wildlife crime, criminal decision-making, personality, and cybercrime. There will be no graded work or exams, but participants are expected to read the relevant literature between lectures and interact with the content.

The final day of the summer school will be dedicated to improving presentation skills. A communication science expert will give a brief workshop on how to present and provide feedback using short presentations by participants, including helpful tips on how to come across as a thought leader in your research area. Presenting a pitch is optional for participants.

For information on the social program, teachers and credit point information, see the MPI_NSCR_Summer_School_Flyer


To register, send an email to: secretariaat@nscr.nl 
As the number of places for the workshop is limited, register as soon as possible (applications will be treated on a first come, first served basis)

timetable summer school

For more information, contact: Prof. Dr. Beate Völker - bvolker@nscr.nl

prof. dr. Beate Völker


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