1. Research areas

NSCR Research

Our research program is based on four leading questions: Who commits crime and why? Where, when and how is crime committed? What are the consequences for victims and society? How does society respond to crime? These four research questions form the basis for our research groups. In addition, we set up a fifth research group that conducts research into evidence-based policing.

Our researchers conduct joint research from various disciplines on various themes. For example, the criminal careers of terrorists and cyber criminals, the choice of locations where burglars and poachers commit their crimes, the consequences of e-justice (#MeToo), conflicts in public spaces and the bystander effect, the effectiveness of probation supervision, and the transfer of criminal behaviour within families. Frequently, our research is not about just one leading question, but several questions are combined. For example in research into (re)victimization in criminal or civil proceedings or in research whether prison sentences actually increase the risk of recidivism.