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Victimology is the research into victims and victimization. The NSCR investigates which risk factors are associated with victimization. How can victimization be prevented and how can victims be assisted and supported?

This thematic group looks at the effectiveness of interventions and procedures, the extent to which victims get what they deserve, the societal responses to victimization and to new forms of vigilantism such as #MeToo. In addition, we study the consequences of victimization: the short-term and long-term effects on the well-being and health of victims, labour market participation, and the intergenerational transfer of crime and victimhood.

Experts on this theme

Prof. Antony Pemberton

Senior Researcher

Dr Mijke de Waardt


Manon Bax LLM MSc

PhD Candidate

Pien van de Ven MSc

PhD Candidate

Freya Augusteijn MSc

PhD Candidate

Rachel Dijkstra LLM

PhD Student

Kim Baudewijns MSc

Junior Researcher

Dr Nieke Elbers


Iris Becx MSc

PhD Candidate

Prof. Catrien Bijleveld LL.M.

Senior Researcher

(Inter)national collaborations

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