1. Datasets

Datasets for scientific research

Within the (inter)national cooperation with other organizations, research data is shared according to the principle of Open Science, in a repository with a Core Trust Seal. Data are also stored and managed safely for the long term. Strict conditions apply to access to these data. The basic principle is that personal data is handled with care, respect and confidentiality.

Secure Analytics Lab

Where possible, these data have been minimized and anonymised at source. For the most sensitive data we have our own Secure Analytics Lab (SAL). The SAL will be ISO 27001 certified and is completely separate from the internet. NSCR follows as much as possible the level of security according to the classification Departmental Confidential. We employ a data manager and a data privacy officer.

Terms of use and application

For the use of NSCR data, at least the following conditions must apply:

  • The applicant is affiliated with a university or (scientific) research institute.
  • Use of NSCR data by the applicant will only take place at the NSCR and in collaboration with the NSCR.
  • The applicant has a clear research question on application.

For more information on (the use of) NSCR datasets, please contact nscr@nscr.nl.

Unique data collections

NSCR has collected a number of large (inter)nationally unique datasets. Examples are the CCLS (the Criminal Careers and Life Course Study in which the life course of a sample of 4% of convicts from 1977 is followed), Trans5 (the dataset that contains demographic and crime data of 198 families over five generations), and various datasets that contain data about (spatial) criminal behavior, such as from burglars.

NSCR is working on an overview of our datasets, with their descriptions and possibilities for use. Information concerning NSCR datasets is also available through DANS (Data Archiving and Networked Services).