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  1. Cooperation


NSCR collaborates both nationally and internationally with a large number of scientific research institutions. Various NSCR researchers are associated with a university or university of applied sciences, as a professor or lecturer. In addition, professors and researchers from scientific research institutions around the world regularly work as a fellow at the NSCR.
NSCR participates in the Amsterdam Law and Behavior Institute (A-LAB), an interfaculty collaboration of the VU University Amsterdam (VU). We also cooperate with Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR), Open University (OU), University of Amsterdam (UvA), Leiden University (UL), Maastricht University (UM), Tilburg University (UT), Utrecht University (UU) and the Hague University of Applied Sciences (HH).

Framework agreements with societal partners

NSCR has a framework agreement with the Victim Support Fund (Fonds Slachtofferhulp). This agreement makes it possible to conduct high-quality scientific research while at the same time making a socially relevant and practically useful contribution to the care of victims. In addition, we have a framework agreement with the National Police and the Ministry of Justice and Security since 2020. The research program What works in policing: towards evidence-based policing in the Netherlands will run for five years, with the option to extend for another five years.
With these framework agreements we can conduct long-term and extensive research programs in new or undeveloped areas. NSCR thus contributes – visible and measurable – to the improvement of the Dutch research and knowledge position in the field of crime and law enforcement.