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Evidence-based Policing

The research program What works in policing: towards evidence-based policing in the Netherlands aims to provide scientific interpretation and substantiation for an evidence-based police practice and to analyze (new) issues for the police (function). The research is developed and carried out by NSCR, with the cooperation of the National Police, the Police Academy, universities from the Netherlands and abroad, universities of applied sciences and other knowledge institutions.

The program includes research into concrete, fundamental questions in the field of police and is similar to Anglo-American police research where evidence-based policing, crime science, and what works research programs have been in development for some time now. It examines how police actions work, in what circumstances those actions work and for whom and by whom it works. The research topics are in line with the Strategic Research Agenda for the Police.

Current scientific insights and theories

The research program uses advanced scientific methods and the latest, current insights and theories. This takes research into police actions to a higher scientific level, resulting in high quality, internationally peer-reviewed publications. A program committee with members of the ministry, the police, the Police Academy and scientists oversees the development, implementation and progress of the program.

Strengthen research into the police (function) at universities (of applied sciences)

Traditionally, crime has been studied from different angles and disciplines. By cooperating with various universities, universities of applied sciences and the Police Academy within this research program, the NSCR also strengthens the research into the police (function) at other knowledge institutions. At the same time, a new generation of highly qualified police researchers is being trained, who will eventually advance the Dutch police research.

The initiators of this research program explicitly invite people from the police practice, the Police Academy and Dutch universities (of applied sciences) to participate in the conduction of this research program. If you would like to cooperate, if you have an idea or valuable input, please send an email to program leader Stijn Ruiter at ruiter@nscr.nl  and / or to the police research coordination via Onderzoekscoordinatie@politie.nl.

This research program was established by a framework agreement between the National Police, the Ministry of Justice and Security and the NSCR. The program started on July 1, 2020 and will run for five years, with the option to extend for another five years.

Program leader: Stijn Ruiter

Experts on this theme

Prof. Stijn Ruiter

Senior Researcher

Prof. Peter van der Laan

Director a.i.

Ida Adamse MSc

PhD Candidate

Tim Verlaan MSc

PhD Candidate

Lenneke van Lith MSc

PhD Candidate

Natascha de Leeuw MSc

PhD Candidate

Dr Teun van Ruitenburg


Dr Ronald van Steden

Senior Researcher

Emma Ropes MSc

PhD Candidate

Emmeke Kooistra MSc

PhD Candidate

Dr Samuel Langton



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