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  1. NWO-Veni and two NWO-Vidi’s for NSCR researchers and fellows

NWO-Veni and two NWO-Vidi’s for NSCR researchers and fellows

Barbora Holá, senior researcher at the NSCR, and Amy Nivette, fellow of the NSCR have both been awarded with a NWO-Vidi grant. NSCR fellow Marleen Weulen Kranenbarg received a NWO-Veni. The Veni of a maximum of 250,00 euros gives promising young researchers the opportunity to further develop their own research ideas for three years. With a Vidi grant of up to 800,000 euros, experienced researchers can develop their own innovative research and set up a research group over the next five years.

Veni | Choosing the good side: factors that lead to non-criminal hacking

Dr Marleen Weulen Kranenbarg | VU University Amsterdam | Fellow NSCR Cybercrime

In contrast to criminal hackers, non-criminal hackers actively help in securing IT-systems. By examining lifecourse characteristics of non-criminal hackers, as well as situational and cultural factors, this study will show why non-criminal hackers choose to stay on the good side of the law and use their skills in cybersecurity.

Vidi | From the Past Back to the Future: Intergenerational legacies of mass atrocities

Dr Barbora Holá | Senior Researcher NSCR Empirical Legal Studies

Mass atrocities committed during genocides, wars and state repressions have profound consequences on people who directly experience them and on generations to come. This project examines how legacies of mass atrocities transfer across generations, and what role transitional justice mechanisms, such as criminal trials and lustrations/vetting, play in such intergenerational transmission.

Vidi | Can improving public attitudes towards the police prevent crime?

Dr Amy Nivette | Utrecht University | Fellow NSCR Evidence-based policing

Can a single contact with the police change how people perceive them? Can a Tweet damage trust in police? Will this also influence someone’s criminal behaviour? This project introduces a novel method of measuring everyday encounters with police, revealing to what extent these experiences influence individual perceptions and criminal behaviours.

More information: NWO-Veni and NWO-Vidi.

Dr Barbora Holá LLM

Senior Researcher

Prof. Peter van der Laan

Senior Research Fellow

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