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  1. Beate Völker

Prof. Beate Völker

Research area(s)

  • Social capital and social networks
  • Friendships through the life course, neighborhood relationships
  • Social Cohesion: conditions, threats, and consequences
  • Urban social structures: safety and wellbeing in cities and neighborhoods
2021-now Director NSCR
2019-21 Head of Department Human Geography and Spatial Planning Utrecht University
2014-19 Professor of Sociology, Chair of Research Group ‘Institutions, Inequalities and Life Courses’ University of Amsterdam
2007-14 Professor of Sociology, Department of Sociology, Utrecht University
2001-07 Associate Professor Department of Sociology, Utrecht University (Vidi fellowship)
1996-00 Postdoctoral Fellow Utrecht University (Veni and KNAW fellowships)
1995-97 Postdoc Groningen University, Dept. of Sociology
1996 Interim full professorship Aken University
1990-95 PhD, Department of Sociology, Utrecht University
1983-89 Study Psychology, Heidelberg University

Ancillary positions

  • Figurehead Dutch National Science Agenda, Conflict and Cooperation (unpaid)
  • Chair of board James Coleman Association, ICS (unpaid)
  • Board member Foundation Future Visions of Technology (Stichting Toekomstbeeld der Techniek)
  • EU-Programme Committee Member: CHANSE/Norface (unpaid)
  • Vice chair Johannes Juda Groen Stichting for interdisciplinary research on social behavior (unpaid)
  • Chair of final committee for secondary school exams in the social sciences (CVTE/CITO, paid)
  • Chair of scientific board Foundation Friendships in the Netherlands (unpaid)
  • Editorial board Social Psychological Quarterly (unpaid)
  • Editorial board of Social Networks (unpaid)
  • Member of KHMW (unpaid)
  • Member of EAS (unpaid)




B Volker; J Claessen; A van Hoek
Book Chapter
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G Mollenhorst; Cuyper R. de; B Volker; A Dirkzwager; P Nieuwbeerta
Journal Article
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B Volker; De R H Cuyper; A J E Dirkzwager; Vander P H Laan; P Nieuwbeerta
Personal networks of prisoners prior to incarceration. A comparison with the general Dutch population
Journal Article

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