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Meintje van Dijk MSc

Research areas

  • Intergenerational transmission of criminal behavior
  • Organized crime
  • Children growing up in a high-risk environment
  • Parenting
  • Domestic violence
Involved in theme(s)
2018-nu PhD Candidate NSCR/VU University Amsterdam
2016-nu Volunteer COSA-project (Circles of Support and Accountability), Reclassering Nederland
2016-18 Researcher at the Verwey-Jonker Institute, Utrecht (research topics: domestic violence, crime prevention, participation and poverty)
2015 Intern at the research unit of the Amsterdam Police department
2015 Master in Intervention Criminology (Cum Laude), VU University Amsterdam
2014-15 Research intern at the Verwey-Jonker Institute, Utrecht
2014 Master in Social Policy and Social Interventions, Utrecht University
2013 Bachelor in Interdisciplinary Social Sciences, with specialization in social psychology, Utrecht University




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M Van Dijk; V Eichelsheim; E Kleemans; M Soudijn; S van de Weijer
Journal Article
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Journal Article
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M Van Dijk; E Kleemans; V Eichelsheim
Journal Article
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