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  1. Veroni Eichelsheim appointed professor of Intergenerational continuity of deviant behaviour

Veroni Eichelsheim appointed professor of Intergenerational continuity of deviant behaviour

Dr Veroni Eichelsheim has been appointed professor by special appointment at the Faculty of Behavioural and Social Sciences of the University of Groningen. The chair in Intergenerational continuity of deviant behaviour is a collaboration between the University of Groningen and the NSCR.

This endowed chair, in the basic unit of Developmental Psychology, focuses on the intergenerational continuity of deviant behaviour: the extent to which parental behavior influences the chance that (one of the) children will display similar behaviour. Deviant behaviour refers to behaviour that deviates from accepted social norms, such as antisocial or criminal behaviour.

Intervening in families that have been stuck for generations

Within the chair, deviating developments over the life course and even over several generations are examined. In particular, attention is paid to intervening in families that may have been stuck for generations. The following questions are central to Eichelsheim's research: Why is deviant behavior concentrated in certain families? Which mechanisms offer a plausible explanation for the occurrence of intergenerational continuity of deviant behaviour? And what are the explanations for the occurrence of intergenerational resilience?

Reinforcing national cooperation

University of Groningen Dean Kees Aarts is pleased that Eichelsheim will fill this chair: 'The study of crime and law enforcement is highly interdisciplinary. We expect this chair within the faculty to align very well with the behavioral sciences expertise that occupies a prominent place in our faculty. As a senior researcher, program leader and member of the NSCR management team, Eichelsheim specializes in the field covered by the chair.' NSCR director Beate Völker is also pleased with the appointment: 'Endowed chairs at university departments strengthen national cooperation. For the NSCR these contacts with researchers in related disciplines are of great value.'

Reducing youth involvement in organized crime

Eichelsheim's research focuses on the development of children and adolescents, parenting, problem behaviour and delinquency, children of criminal parents and the intergenerational transmission of problems. She also conducts research into (closed) youth care and youth care, for example for Commission de Winter in 2019. Immediately after the outbreak of the corona crisis, she started the project Stay Home, Stay Safe? in which she conducts research into domestic violence and child abuse during the pandemic. And recently, together with Prof. Dr. Arjan Blokland, she obtained an NWA grant for the EPIC project, which investigates how the involvement of young people in organized crime can be reduced.

About Veroni Eichelsheim

Eichelsheim studied clinical and forensic psychology in Leiden and obtained her PhD in 2011 in Utrecht on the quality of family relationships and delinquency during adolescence. She has been affiliated with the NSCR since 2013 and is also a research fellow at the VU Amsterdam. Based on her expertise, Eichelsheim is a member of the Complaints Advisory Committee of the Child Protection Board (Raad voor de Kinderbescherming), a member of the Expert Committee on Multiproblem Families and she chairs the ESC working group Intergenerational Criminology. Finally, from 1 June 2022, she will become a member of the Judicial Interventions Recognition Committee (Erkenningscommissie Justitiële Interventies).

Prof. Veroni Eichelsheim

Senior Researcher

Prof. Beate Völker


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