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  1. NSCR researchers receive ESC Best Article of the Year Award

NSCR researchers receive ESC Best Article of the Year Award

NSCR researchers Steve van de Weijer, Rutger Leukfeldt and Wim Bernasco received the ESC European Journal of Criminology Best Article of the Year 2019 Award at Eurocrim, the annual conference of the European Society of Criminology (ESC), on September 10, 2020. That same day, former NSCR director Catrien Bijleveld was elected new president of the ESC.

Van de Weijer, Leukfeldt and Bernasco received the prize for the article Determinants of reporting cybercrime: A comparison between identity theft, consumer fraud, and hacking in the European Journal of Criminology. In this article, they take a closer look at the characteristics of victims which predict whether someone will report cybercrime or not. A follow-up study was recently published in which was researched why victims of cybercrime do not report the incident to the police, while they do report the incident to other authorities such as the bank.

Catrien Bijleveld new president ESC

Catrien Bijleveld was director of the NSCR until 2019 and has since then worked part-time at the institute as a senior researcher and program leader in victim research. In addition to being elected president of the ESC, she is also a member of the Scientific Council for Government Policy (WRR) and professor in Methods & Techniques of Criminological and Empirical Legal Research at VU University, Amsterdam.

Prof. Catrien Bijleveld LL.M.

Senior Researcher

Dr Steve van de Weijer

Senior Researcher

Prof. Rutger Leukfeldt

Senior Researcher

Prof. Wim Bernasco

Senior Researcher

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