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  1. 3 October: Symposium Crime & Genetics

3 October: Symposium Crime & Genetics

Session 1
By dr. Steve van de Weijer | 6 July 2018
Themanummer innovatieve methoden in criminologisch onderzoek

Wednesday 3 October | 09.00 - 15.30 | VU University | Amsterdam

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Hundreds of twin and adoption studies have shown human behavior is influenced by both environmental and genetic factors. Although this has also been found for antisocial and criminal behavior, the vast majority of criminological research still focuses on environmental factors only.
During this symposium, international experts from a variety of academic disciplines will show how different types of genetic studies improve our understanding of aggressive, antisocial, and criminal behavior. Studies such as these shed light on the role genes play, but also offer unique opportunities to examine environmental influences, making the symposium interesting for anyone studying root causes of crime. The symposium is free of charge and open to a broad audience of academics, students, and practitioners; lunch will be provided.


09.00 - Welcome with coffee and tea
09.25 - Opening
09.30 -
Tinca Polderman (VU University) - On the heritability of antisocial behavior: twin studies and beyond
Camiel van der Laan (VU University/NSCR) - Genetic and environmental transmission of rule breaking behavior
Steve van de Weijer (NSCR) - The Transfive Study: Five generations of crime?
11.00 - Coffee break
11.15 - Session 2
Amber Beckley (Stockholm University) - Female early puberty and adolescent victimization
JC Barnes (University of Cincinnati) - Criminology and the genome: How genomic research is transforming our understanding of criminal behavior
Jean Baptiste Pingault (University College London) - Genetically informed designs to understand the aetiology and the consequences of aggressive behavior
12.45 - Lunch break
13.30 - Session 3
Dorret Boomsma (VU University) - The ACTION project: ((epi)genetic) epidemiology of childhood aggression and comorbid traits.
Barbara Franke (Radboud University) - The Aggressotype Consortium: interdisciplinary work in search of the biological basis of aggressive behavior
Jeffrey Glennon (Radboud University) - The MATRICS consortium: unravelling molecular substrates of stress reactivity related to aggression and callous unemotional traits
15.00 - Drinks
15.45 (optional) - PhD Ceremony Jorim Tielbeek (VU University) - Balancing the Scale of Lady Justice. Biosocial Studies of Antisocial Behavior

dr. Steve van de Weijer

Senior Onderzoeker

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