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  1. Prestigious Sellin-Glueck award for Gerben Bruinsma

Prestigious Sellin-Glueck award for Gerben Bruinsma

By prof. dr. Gerben Bruinsma | 3 May 2017

Gerben Bruinsma, Professor of Environmental Criminology at VU University Amsterdam, is this year's recipient of the Sellin-Glueck award in criminology, the highest award given by The American Society of Criminology to scholars from outside the USA.
Now in its 43th year, the Thorsten Sellin & Sheldon and Eleanor Glueck Award aims to draw attention to criminological scholarship that considers problems of crime and justice outside the United States.
Preference is given to scholarship that analyses non-U.S. data; is published predominantly outside of the U.S. criminology journals; and brings new perspectives or approaches to the attention of the members of the Society.  The committee selected Gerben Bruinsma for this award not only for his scholarship, which is voluminous and well regarded,  but also for his role in building institutions in the Netherlands that have produced a generation of well trained and accomplished empirically oriented criminologists. This new generation of criminologists is playing a central role not only in advancing research in Holland but also in leading important scientific efforts that are having influence on international trends in research on crime.
Professor Bruinsma will be presented with the award, achieved for his 'truly remarkable contributions to international and comparative criminology' at the Society's international conference in Philadelphia in November.

prof. dr. Gerben Bruinsma

Voormalig NSCR Research Fellow

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