1. Corona measures

Corona measures NSCR

On this page we inform employees of the NSCR about the applicable Corona measures. We have been following the guidelines of the RIVM and the advice of our cabinet since March 2020. This page is regularly updated.

Work from home as much as possible

As always, exceptions to this are possible in special cases: research that cannot be delayed and that requires work in the SAL, or picking up a laptop, based on an appointment. In the latter case, you will only be at the NSCR at the agreed time and then go home again. In addition, an exception can be made for personal reasons. Please contact Anne-Marie (cc Angeniet) to plan the day and time to be at the NSCR.
If you have applied for a workspace or the SAL, but decide not to come, please also sign out with Anne-Marie. She can then assign your workspace to someone else. And last but not least, adhere to all Corona guidelines at the NSCR and VU.

Read this advice for working from home and setting up a home workplace and the NWO health advice for working from home.


If you travel to a country that is yellow or green at departure but changes to orange during your vacation, you will have to go into quarantine after your return. In this case we advise you to return to the Netherlands as soon as the code orange has been announced and to go into quarantine at home. If part of the quarantine period falls outside your vacation, you can work from home. If working from home is not possible, you do not need to take leave for these quarantine days.
If you choose to remain at your vacation destination when it turns orange and you are required to undergo quarantine upon your return, this may affect your leave balance. If you are unable to work from home during the quarantine period, you will need to take leave for this period. Please contact the secretariat and your program leader in such cases.

Business travel

Business travel is possible on a limited basis upon Beate’s approval. If you plan to take a trip for work, please consult with your program leader first.

ICT, data management and laptops

For questions about ICT and data management, please contact the secretariat via secretariaat@nscr.nl or during office hours via 06 2161 8344. Anne-Marie or Claudia ensures that your question reaches the right person. We’re also busy getting everyone to work via an NSCR laptop. This laptop will be suitable for working from home and working at the NSCR. Do you need a SAL laptop? Let your program leader know about this.

NB: Use the IT facilities consciously. Especially now that most people work from home, cyber criminals are trying to gain access to your files or our network in creative ways. Be on the lookout for suspicious emails.

Online meetings

  • The coffee pitch and institute meeting are still digital for the time being.
  • We have a Zoom account for general use. You can request the login details from the secretariat.
  • Do you live near each other? Consider a “walking meeting” in the open air.
  • We would like to organize social online activities on a regular basis, such as a movie afternoon or pub quiz. Do you also want to organize something or do you have a nice idea? Send an email to the secretariat.