1. Overzicht prof. dr. mr. Marijke Malsch


Pressure during investigative interview increases risk of wrong sentencing

Miscarriages of justice, such as the Schiedam Park murder case, occur in the Netherlands too. This case led to further research and recommendations to structure the investigative interview differently, and to report it better. In England and Wales, famous cases of miscarriages of justice are the Guildford Four, the Birmingham Six and the Maguire Seven. […]

Decreasing role of the judiciary: is replacing the judge possible and desirable?

Other bodies usually work faster than the judge and are cheaper as well. But do they do the job as well as the judge would? Are they just as independent, and do they offer just as much legal protection? The risks of devolving judicial tasks In the article entitled The decreasing role of the judiciary: […]

Added value of palm prints for investigating crimes

The police and public prosecution service want to take palm prints of every suspect to increase the efficacy of investigations. They consider the distinction in the law between finger marks and palm marks to be arbitrary, as in both cases it concerns friction-ridge evidence. Repeated calls have also been made in the Dutch Parliament for […]

You cannot see whether a suspect is lying

During a hearing, the police would like to know whether a suspect is lying, and so they take careful note of a suspect’s behaviour. People often think that stuttering, looking away and fidgeting are signs that somebody is lying. However, these aspects are not connected. Certain other behaviours can be indicative of lying, such as […]