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Our mission

NSCR conducts fundamental scientific research into crime and law enforcement. Our research is substantively innovative, methodologically state-of-the-art and contributes to the solution of major societal issues in the field of security and justice.

NSCR operates at the intersection of theory, practice and policy. We focus on traditional and new manifestations of crime, testing existing theories and developing new investigative tools.

In order to play a significant role within national and international academic research, we set ourselves the following objectives:

  • NSCR aims at fundamental, interdisciplinary research into the interaction between crime and law enforcement, with an emphasis on longitudinal studies.
  • NSCR carries out academic research independently and in collaboration with universities and other scientific institutions and publishes about this in academic and professional media.
  • In collaboration with other universities and institutions, NSCR is developing a national and international network of academic researchers by organising national and international congresses, seminars, symposia, workshops, and lectures on the latest insights.
  • NSCR plays an active national and international role in public opinion forming.
  • NSCR trains young researchers.