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Terrorism suspect often experiences adversity as injustice

The report entitled “Terrorism, Adversity and Identity” provides insight into possible reasons for involvement in terrorism and/or violent extremism of an Islamic but also left-wing or right-wing radical nature. This can concern preparing an attack, calls to violence or travelling to fight in Syria or Iraq. For the study, interviews were held with professionals who work with […]

Terrorist suspect is very similar to ‘normal’ suspect

As the investigation and prosecution of terrorist acts are now high on the agenda, the demand for greater insight into the perpetrators of such criminal acts is increasing. For example, it is important to know whether there are certain triggers – events that elicit the radicalisation process or accelerate it – that could lead to […]

NSCR research into suspects of terrorist offenses

NSCR starts in April 2017 with a study of the characteristics and the history of people suspected of terrorist offenses. This research was funded by the programme ‘Politie en Wetenschap’ and will make a detailed analysis of recorded data on all persons who were accused of ‘crimes with terrorist intent’ in the Netherlands. This group […]