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Visiting Scholars

NSCR has a small stipends fund to enable excellent international researchers to visit the NSCR for short periods of time. These visiting scholars are typically invited to stay at NSCR for a period between a few weeks to a few months and collaborate with NSCR staff on one or more designated projects. Additionally, there are researchers who spend a period at their own expense at NSCR.

Visiting scholars 2019:

Leonie van Lent
Montaigne Centrum | Utrecht University

Asier Moneva
Crimina Research Center | Miguel Hernandez University

Amy Nivette
Utrecht University

Visiting scholars 2018:

Amy Nivette
Utrecht University

City University of Hong Kong

Visiting scholars 2017:

Daniel Nagin
Carnegie Mellon University

Heith Copes
University of Alabama at Birmingham US

John Goodrich, PhD

Christopher Hallam, MSc
Panthera en University of Melbourne

Abishek Harihar, PhD
Panthera en Nature Conservation Foundation-India

Rob Pickles, PhD

Joe Smith, PhD

Lam Wai Yee, MS
Rimba en University of Malaysia Terengannu

Visiting scholars 2016:

Lasse Liebst
University of Copenhagen

Candace Krutschnitt
University of Toronto

Tamar Berenblum
Hebrew University

Mikko Aaltonen
University of Helsinki