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Vacature: Directeur NSCR

Het NSCR zoekt een directeur met aantoonbaar affiniteit met onderzoek op het - brede - terrein van criminaliteit en rechtshandhaving. De persoon die we zoeken is een excellente wetenschapper die verbonden is met het relevante netwerk van (inter)nationale wetenschappelijke en maatschappelijke partners. Hij of zij is actief in maatschappelijke discussies over vraagstukken rondom criminaliteit en rechtshandhaving, en discussies over de wetenschappelijke praktijk. Wij zoeken iemand met ervaring in het leiden van een organisatie van professionals, goede sociale en communicatieve vaardigheden, leiderschapskwaliteiten, een coöperatieve open houding en overtuigingskracht.
Door prof. dr. Peter van der Laan | 5 februari 2021

Deze vacature is in het Engels.
The Netherlands Institute for the Study of Crime and Law Enforcement (NSCR) focuses on fundamental scientific research into crime and law enforcement. It is considered to be one of the top international research institutes and has been evaluated as “world leading / excellent” by the latest international evaluation committee.

The NSCR is part of the Institutes Organization of the Dutch Research Council (NWO-I). The NSCR regularly cooperates with almost all Dutch universities and a large number of foreign universities. It is located on the campus of VU University Amsterdam.

The NSCR research is innovative, conceptually and methodologically state-of-the-art, and contributes to the solution of major societal issues related to human security and justice. Its research is of an interdisciplinary and longitudinal nature at the interface of theory, practice and policy.

The staff consists of around 95 people among which 11 are professors, 45 (senior) researchers and 29 PhD-students. The NSCR research is currently organized in 5 research groups, including research groups focusing on victim- or police-related research. Each research group is directed by a program leader.

The NSCR is seeking a director with demonstrable affinity with research in the – broad - field of crime and law enforcement

The person we are looking for is an excellent scientist who is well connected to the relevant (inter-) national scientific and societal partners’ network and active in societal discussions on issues related to crime and law enforcement and about scientific practice. We are looking for an individual with experience in leading an organization of professionals, with clear social, leadership and communication skills, a cooperative open attitude and persuasiveness.


The NSCR director is responsible for the preparation, development, formulation and implementation of the NSCR mission, strategy and its research-related and business-economic objectives. The director is further responsible for the day-to-day management of the Institute. In doing this, the director is assisted by program leaders and the Institute manager.
The NWO Board specifically requests the new NSCR director to continue developing a (nation-wide) research program in the field of crime and law enforcement, upon consultation with universities and research institutes, and with their joint support.

Employment conditions

The director will be assigned for a term of 5 years with the intention to extend the assignment with a second term, the employment contract will be for an indefinite period of time.
The yearly fulltime salary (incl. holiday allowance of 8% and 'end of year payment' of 8.33%) will range from € 107.921,- to € 143.239,- depending on experience (scale 18 in the Collective Labour Agreement for research organizations). In addition NWO-I offers a flexible set of employee benefits including pension benefits through the pension fund ABP.

Further information

The 'NWO job interview code' applies to this position. NSCR strives to achieve a diverse workforce to develop talent and creativity by bringing together different perspectives. Further information about the position can be obtained from the current director a.i. prof. Peter van der Laan via pvanderlaan@nscr.nl or +31 6 2904 6586, or ir. Miriam Luizink, director NWO-I and chair of the advisory appointment committee via +31 6 1290 0686. A full job profile can be obtained via the secretary of the advisory appointment committee Liz Schilt LLM via secretariaat@nscr.nl.

Application Procedure

Please address your application including a motivation letter and research statement, CV and list of publications to the attention of Liz Schilt LLM by e-mail to vacature@nscr.nl before 7 March 2021. Screening (selection assessment, submitting certificate of conduct) may be part of the selection.

prof. dr. Peter van der Laan

Directeur a.i.

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