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Yaloe van der Toolen MSc

Yaloe van der Toolen MSc

Junior Researcher

Telephone: +31 (0)20 598 3522
Email: YvanderToolen@nscr.nl

Research areas

  • Criminal careers and social networks of juvenile cybercrime offenders
  • Longitudinal network analysis (Stochastic Actor-Oriented Models)
  • Spatial crime patterns
2019-now Junior researcher cybercrime at the NSCR and VU Amsterdam
2018 MSc Crime Science – University College London. Dissertation: The relationship between neighbourhood disorganisation, crime opportunity structures and spatial patterns of knife crime in London
2017 Educational programme guide at ProDemos, House for Democracy and the Rule of Law
2017 BSc Political Science – University of Amsterdam. Dissertation: The dimensionality of political space and implications for political representation in Europe
2016 Research assistant at the University of Amsterdam
2016 BSc Clinical Psychology – University of Amsterdam. Dissertation: Verbal deception detection in an airport security context: using the Verifiability Approach to detect false intent




Y van der Toolen; M Weulen Kranenbarg; F Weerman
Journal Article
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